Learn how to unlock the secrets of the universe held in the cards. Join me for this 5 week online course to truly discover the depths of wisdom and insight of the Tarot.

The Course will be taught online via Zoom or in person in Woking (depending on your availability) and will be comprised of five sessions, with a two hour duration each. 1 session will be held per week, so you will complete 10 hours over 5 weeks, after which you will know the tarot deeply and be able to use it to pick up your own wisdom insight and knowledge. Each session costs £50, and the total sum will come to £250. If you would like to pay as we go, per week, please let me know, alternatively if you’d like to pay in a lump sum, that can be arranged too! Email me to arrange weekly session times and for any other questions.

Learn how to read Tarot cards for yourself, to help illuminate areas of your life that need clarity and help you receive guidance along your way.

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