If you feel your home is in need of a ‘refresh’ – energy clearing can be a powerful way to clear out any ‘stuck’ or ‘heavy’ energy that may be lingering in your house.

We often don’t notice that our houses contain the energy that we hold, or energy that has lingered from previous inhabitants of the house, and these heavier frequencies can accumulate over time. If you have been feeling in a rut, weighed down, or ‘boggy’ or just sluggish in areas of your house, there’s a good chance your home may be holding these energies, which can make it harder for us to move out of these stagnant states

Energy clearing can help us to feel lighter, clearer, inspired and more energised in our home spaces, and can lead to increased feelings of peace, clarity, relief and harmony inside your home.

Energy clearing services can include, but are not limited to:

Sound Cleansing: use of a singing bowl, Tibetan bells or other instruments to clear heavy frequencies.

Aromatherapy cleansing: use of essential oils or combined oils sprays to help clear stagnant energy and call in harmonious energies.

Saining: using the smoke from a cleansing bundle of herbs/wood that is renowned for energetically cleansing spaces and energy. (Subject to if the customer is happy for me to use this – if not that is okay too!)

Prayer and positive intention setting

Use of crystals to help the clearing process.

Energy Sweeping & Energy Cleansing using movement, water, and drawing healing energy into the house.

Advice and/or recommendations for keeping the energy clear and clean going forward.

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